Supported platforms, databases, data stores, keystores, and Web browsers

Baffle supports the following industry standard platforms, databases, data stores, keystores and Web browsers.


Baffle integrates seamlessly with the following platforms:

Databases and Data Warehouses

Baffle supports the following databases and data warehouses:

Data stores

Baffle integrates seamlessly with the following data stores:

Keystores and Key Management

Baffle supports the following keystore protocols to store Baffle encryption keys. Most systems store their PKI private key using these solutions, so they are well‑accepted protocols for storing crypto secrets when a simple software-based approach is needed.

Any keystore that provides a PKCS#11 library or supports the Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP) or REST APIs can be used to integrate with Baffle as a source of encryption keys. In addition, Amazon Web Services (AWS) Key Management Services (KMS) is supported as a keystore through the use of their REST interfaces.

Baffle integrates seamlessly with the following keystores. Keystore parameters are specific to the keystore type or vendor. For this reason, each keystore has a unique set of options:

Web browsers

Baffle Manager supports the latest versions of the following Web browsers:

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