Edit a Baffle Shield

Baffle Shield is a proxy that intercepts and encrypts application data sent to the database, as well as decrypting encrypted data returned by the database. Baffle Shield enforces Data Protection Policies for data in databases you configured when Connecting to a Data Store

This page demonstrates how you can modify properties for a configured Baffle Shield

Modify a configured Baffle Shield

You configured a Baffle Shield during initial Baffle Manager set up. This section shows you how to modify the following properties of a configured Baffle Shield:

  • Baffle Shield Name

  • Description

  • Host Username

  • Use SSH

  • Change SSH key or upload a new one

  • Change SSH key password

  • Change Host password

To edit an existing Baffle Shield, do the following:

  1. In Baffle Manager, click the Shield icon in the left navigation bar. A list of baffle shields appears in the window on the right.
  2. Select a Baffle Shield from the list, then click the gear icon in the panel on the right and select Edit Shield from the drop-down menu. 
    The Edit Shield dialog appears.
  3. To change the Baffle Shield Name and Description, click inside the respective fields and enter a new name and description for the shield.
  4. To change the Host Username, click in the text field and enter and new username.
  5. You can deselect Use SSH Key and enter a Host Password in the text field.
  6. To upload a new key, select Upload Key, SSH Key Nickname in the text field, click Upload SSH Key, select the key file and click Open.
  7. When you've completed all the necessary changes, click Save.
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