Create and select Baffle Shields for Migration from Baffle Manager


As you define your Data Protection Policy, you have the option to easily add and/or select specific Baffle Shields that will be used for migration. This document walks through the process for selecting and adding migration Shields from the Baffle Manager UI.


To add/select a migration Shield:

The option to add and select a migration shield is found on the application confirmation page, after you have defined your data protection policy. This option is available only when your application is configured to Deploy Policy & Migrate Data.


Under the dropdown menu Migration Shield, select the Baffle Shield you will use for migration.

Note: Only the Shields that are enrolled with the application will be available here for selection. Shields are typically enrolled to the application when it is first created. However, you can also add a Baffle Shield directly from this page, by selecting +Migration Shield from the dropdown menu.


Click +Migration Shield to pop open a modal to add a Baffle Shield. We recommend that you make a note in the Shield description that this shield was added for migration.


After successfully adding your migration Shield, it will be automatically selected for your migration. However, you can still change your selection and choose a different Baffle Shield for migration, as long as it is enrolled with your application.


Click ‘Save’ to initiate your data protection policy. The migration process will begin, and it will take place on your selected migration Shield.

If you did add a new migration Shield during this process, it will be visible on the Shields dashboard.



Known Issues with Migration Shields

  • Currently, there is not an indicator in the UI that delineates shields added for migration. One will be added shortly. As a workaround, we recommend specifying each Shield’s usage in the Shield description field, to add context.

  • There are some minor clipping issues with the Migration Shield dropdown menu that occur on smaller displays.

  • It is possible for a user to add a Migration Shield without an SSL connection, for applications that use SSL. This should not occur, and it is prevented during normal application enrollment. Please ensure all Shields on your application use an SSL connection, as long as your database does as well.

  • It may be possible for a user to add a Migration Shield with the same shield name as a previously added Shield. Be sure to avoid specifying the same name for different Baffle Shields.
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