Add users to Baffle Manager

Baffle Manager supports multiple users who may access the Manager console. All users on Baffle Manager automatically have administrative privileges, so they can enroll databases and applications, modify them, and deploy policies. However, only a user with Super Admin privileges is able to add, invite and delete new users. A Baffle Manager is limited to having one Super Admin.


Add a user to Baffle Manager

As a Super Admin, navigate to the ‘People’ tab via the left-hand sidebar. Add a user with +PEOPLE in the top right.


Enter an email address to send an invite.

Note: you must have configured your Baffle Manager with an SMTP server in order to send an invite via email. Alternatively, you may select ‘Get invite link’ to generate a URL that can be sent via any messaging platform. This invite link will be attached to the email address you enter here.


Copy the invite link to your clipboard. Navigate to it to start the new user registration. This invite link expires in 24 hours.


Baffle Manager will confirm that an invitation has been sent successfully. In the People dashboard, the user card will display the user’s email.


Create a new user profile

Following the invite link will open a user creation console on Baffle Manager. Complete the following fields to finish registration. When completed, Baffle Manager will redirect you to a sign-in page. Sign in with your credentials.

Note: There is no field for the user’s email address. The email address was set when the invitation was generated, and cannot be altered here.


This completes the process to add a new user to Baffle Manager. From the Super Admin user’s console, you can see that your new user has been added successfully.


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